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Sodastream vs Sparkel? You’ll have the Spärkel

We noticed at The Shop Advisor that Sodastream was a big gift at Christmas this year. There are a few of us that already have the Spärkel and we had a debate about which one is better? Sodastream vs Sparkel. They’re both the same price at $140 so what’s the difference besides the fact that Spärkel is a Canadian product.

Sodastream vs Sparkel. What’s the Difference?

There are three main differences between the Spärkel and the Sodastream. Firstly, you can make a greater range of sparkling beverages with the Spärkel. You can carbonate almost any liquid such as water, tea, mimosas, wine but you can only carbonate water with the Sodastream. Secondly, the carbonation system is more convenient and easier to use with the Spärkel. Sodastream uses a CO2 tank, and Spärkel uses small sachets of citric acid and sodium bicrbonate. This means that Spärkel carbonators are easily delivered to your door and you don’t need to return empty tanks. Lastly, the quality of carbonation is consistent with the Spärkel because each carbonator makes the exact same amount of CO2. You can control the level of carbonation with levels 1 through 5. 1 being the least bubbly and 5 the most bubbly.

There may always be a Sodastream vs Sparkel debate but we’re team Spärkel.

They do something really fun and that’s a “Fizzy Friday” giveaway. Every Friday they randomly select a winner to receive a Sparkel. Enter at this link: Good Luck!

Note: only Spärkel carbonators can be used with the Spärkel system. The soda maker comes with a 1-year warranty and here are some great drink recipes to try at

Watch How to Use the Spärkel Soda Maker

The Spärkel Soda Maker Reviews

Amazon Five Star Reviews

72% of Amazon customers say that the Spärkel soda maker is a great product and really fun to use. They like the idea that it’s an environmentally friendlier option. You can read the Amazon reviews here.

Where to Buy the Spärkel Maker

Sparkel Soda Maker

Spärkel allows you to easily add carbonation and infuse delicious tastes of real ingredients – into any drink – with no CO2 tank. Comes in seven colours and includes one resuable bottle and 10 carbonator packs.

Cost Per Use - 38¢/day
Based on a 1-year warranty
$140 ÷ 365 days = 38¢/day


If You’d Like to Buy the Sodastream


The kit includes (1) Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker, (1) mini CO2 carbonator (makes up to 9L of sparkling water), (1) 1 liter BPA free reusable source carbonating bottle, (1) 60-liter mail-in rebate.

Cost Per Use - 19¢/day
Based on 2-year Warranty
$140 ÷ 730 days = 19¢/day


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