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You Need Kitchen Hand Soap & Hand Cream

It’s a fact that every time you wash your hands with water, you’re actually adding moisture to your skin. So how do your hands get so dry? Washing and drying over and over again causes the natural oils in your skin to eventually leach out. If you spend most of your time at home in the kitchen, then you need to treat yourself to some kitchen hand soap. Not just any hand soap but Cucina Hand Soap & Regenerating Hand Cream with coriander and olive oil.

This is a great duo to keep your hands clean and odor-free. It’ll also keep your hands nourished and soft. The Cucina kitchen hand soap is made with cold-pressed olive oil and other oil derivatives with purifying and hydrating properties. The Cucina hand cream is also enriched with cold-pressed olive oils and the beautiful fragrance is a delicate blend of coriander seeds and olive wood. These formulas are free of Gluten, Coconut, Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Lanolin, MCI/MI, Topical antibiotics, Soy, and Dye. The hand soap and hand cream duo are also not tested on animals, are recyclable, refillable, and made in Canada. Cucina is a great soap and cream set for people with allergies, lovers of animals, and the environment.

The Cucina Hand Soap and Regenerating Hand Cream Reviews

Amazon Five Star Review

82% of Amazon reviewers give this delightful duo a five-star rating. Most reviewers agree that the hand soap and cream is an outstanding product with a delightful scent. Some like to give it as a nice hostess gift. You can read the Amazon reviews here.

Where to Buy the Cucina Set

cucina hand soap

Cucina Hand Soap & Cream

This hand duo is formulated specifically to care for hands in the kitchen. Makes a nice hostess gift or a treat for yourself.

Cost Per Use - 78¢/day
Based on 60 days
$47÷ 60 days = 78¢/day

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