best anxiety vest for dogs

The Best Anxiety Vest for Dogs

There’s nothing better after a long stressful day than cozying up with your dog and binge-watching your favourite show. Man’s best friend naturally calms our fears so it can be heartbreaking when they end up having bad nerves themselves. Whether it be thunder, fireworks, travelling, or separation anxiety, your dog can go into a full-blown panic attack. Not even their favourite treat will calm their nerves. Instead of feeling helpless and if you don’t feel comfortable administering drugs, a great alternative is an anxiety vest. We found the best anxiety vest for dogs. It’s called the ThunderShirt.

How the ThunderShirt Anxiety Vest Works

The Thunder Shirt is very simple to use. There is no forcing your dog’s head through any openings, it simply wraps around your dog’s midsection and fastens with a hook and loop.

The ThunderShirt is a vet and trainer recommended calming solution that is specially designed to apply constant pressure, so your dog feels like a swaddled infant. The scientific research on humans and animals confirms that this type of pressure releases calming hormones like oxytocin and endorphins.

There is no training necessary with the ThunderShirt and you’ll likely see results the very first time it’s used. It’s recommended that you first introduce your dog to the Thunder Shirt when he is in a calm state and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Because dogs are more comfortable and trusting of something that brings them food, it’s ideal to offer them a small treat using the ThunderShirt as a “plate”.

The best-selling and top-rated ThunderShirt has helped 80% of pets that have tried it. This translates to millions of dogs that have had their anxiety eased. It has also been reported by dog owners that many dogs will go fetch their Thunder Shirts when an anxiety trigger happens like fireworks or an approaching storm.

60% of Amazon Five-star reviewers say they are glad they bought the ThunderShirt and it worked amazingly for their anxious dogs. They agree it’s the best anxiety vest for dogs.

Watch How to Use the ThunderShirt 

The ThunderShirt Anxiety Vest Reviews

Amazon Five Star Reviews

Most reviewers were skeptical about this shirt at first but were pleasantly surprised at the results. They found less panting, pacing around, or whining, and no shaking. You can read the Amazon reviews here. Five Star reviewer:

Great shirt! We used the Thunder shirt for the first time last night and it helped quite a bit. Our dog is terrified of fireworks, thunder, and other loud sounds (like the backfire of a car’s exhaust). We put the shirt on the second he heard the first bang of fireworks and he calmed down enough to lie under the table with us instead of cowering and shaking in a corner all night as he has done in the past. The shirt does help! You can read the customer reviews here.

Where To Buy The ThunderShirt


The ThunderShirt

Best Anti-Anxiety Pet Shirt

The vet recommended ThunderShirt has already helped millions of dogs and cats. Proven 80% effective in calming during fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety, and more.  Sizes XXS (under 8lbs) to XXL (over 110 lbs)

Cost Per Use - 14¢/day
Based on a 1-Year Warranty
$50 ÷ 365 days = 14¢/day


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