how to pee outside if you're a girl

How to Pee Outside if You’re a Girl—Really

Here’s a question you’ve asked yourself. How to pee outside if you’re a girl? For the outdoorsy type, or for those who feel that public washrooms can be a little sketchy, we don’t need to fret anymore. If you are outside and you need to pee, just pee standing up (yes, standing up!) with a GoGirl Urination Device.

How to Use the GoGirl Female Urination Device

This medical-grade silicone funnel is ergonomically designed to conform to the female anatomy. It’s super easy to use. All you need to do is hold it with your thumb (on the “up indicator) and your middle finger. Then hold the GoGirl with a light but a decent amount of pressure against yourself to form a seal. Then you ready yourself, aim, and then you Go, Girl. You can now pee outside like a girl. It’s recommended that you try it at home a few times to get the hang of it.

You can be confident in the fact that the GoGirl has a lip to prevent overflow and the tip allows for liquid to “spiral” to create a steady stream. No splashing.

After use, make sure to rinse it in the sink if at a public washroom or with a water bottle if outdoors and then wrap it in a paper towel—it air-dries in no more than two minutes. It does come with a storage tube, but most find that it’s a tight squeeze to get it back in, so we suggest keeping it in a clean ziplock bag.

One last thing! If you’re outside, face away from the wind!

Watch How to Use GoGirl Urination Device

The GoGirl Urination Device Reviews

Amazon Five Star Reviews

60% of Amazon reviews agree that this is very handy. The tip from reviewers is to take the time to practice at home before taking it out to the field. Super easy to use. No more squatting.
It’s easy to store in your hiking bag even right next to your vitamins and it shakes out pretty dry and is super easy to clean when you get home. You won’t regret this purchase. Amazon reviews here.

Bass Pro Shops Review: October 2020 by LoverOfLife

Ladies! Stand Up!!! Go Girl works exceptionally well, exactly how the product description states it will. The silicone is soft and comfortable.
It is a must for those banks’ fishing trips to the lake. No more hiding behind the car doors when nature calls! In fact, I have marked every one of my husband’s truck tires. It is awesome!
Now, I simply can’t wait to write my name in the snow!

Here’s Where To Buy The GoGirl Urination Device

GoGirl Urination Device

GoGirl Urination Device

The unique funnel shape of the GoGirl™ was designed to contour to the female anatomy and create a natural seal. The GoGirl™ is hypoallergenic, soft, flexible, durable, repels liquid, and is odor resistant. GoGirl™ is easy to keep clean.

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