best mouth guard for teeth grinding

The Best Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

There are millions of people who are teeth grinders and that was before the pandemic. We’ve noticed people more than ever are clenching—even in mid-day. Teeth grinding comes with dental problems like cracked teeth and even bone loss. You may have heard that mouthguards can solve the problem but that’s not really the case. What they do is give your teeth an alternative to grind on other than your actual teeth. You’ll still need to go see a dentist but in the interim, we’ve found the best over-the-counter mouth guard for teeth grinding that will help prevent further tooth damage.

How to Use the DenTek Professional-Fit Dental Guard

The easy to clean (with a toothbrush) and for a fraction of the cost, DenTek Dental Guard offers a custom-fit like you’d get at the dentist in a few easy steps. You’ll need to boil a pot of water for 5-10 minutes on the stove or microwave a bowl of water for 3-8 minutes. Let sit 10 minutes and then place the mouth guard in the fitting tray and place in the hot water for 45 seconds. Remove the tray with a metal fork and then quickly cool under running water for two seconds. Place in your mouth snuggly and then bite down for two minutes.

This mouth guard is BPA and latex-free and comes with a hardshell case to keep it clean and dry. If you need to wear it during the day, you can also try the DenTek Ultimate Dental Guard as it doesn’t cover the front teeth.

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The DenTek Professional-Fit Dental Guard Reviews

Best Amazon Five Star Reviews With Great Tips

One tip: before you heat the new mouthguard and insert it into your teeth, practice a couple of times to make sure you align it properly. Heat it on the stove in water rather than using the microwave.

Second tip: when you’re ready to stick it in your mouth, don’t bite down too hard. Leave just a little bit of room in front of your front teeth for some of the silicone to remain there as you bear down with your bite. If you bite down too hard you will hit the flexible plastic outer guard. This will weaken the bond of the silicone to the outer guard. Most of the grinding and wear come from your back teeth, so you want a bit more “cushion” back there than in the front. Think of biting down with more pressure on your front teeth than on your back teeth. This may sound weird but practice it a little, and you will see.

Third tip: once you have bitten down on the new mouth guard, maintain your bite until the directions say to let loose. Very slowly remove the guard from your teeth. It will want to stick at first, and you don’t want to yank crowns off as you remove it. Swish a little water around in your mouth and then ease the guard off your teeth. You can read Amazon reviews here.

DenTek Mouth Guard

Best Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth

Easy customizable and full protection keeps all teeth from grinding. Cushioned bite-pads keep front and back teeth from grinding like a full coverage guard. A secure, snug fit.

Cost Per Use - 22¢/day
Based on a 6 Month Protection Guarantee
$40 ÷ 180 days = 22¢/day

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