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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Has Over 100 Uses

Everything old is new again. So it would seem with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. TikTok, now the most popular social media platform is filled with the latest beauty hacks you can do with petroleum jelly. The gooey gel has been around for over 160 years and is basically in every household so it really has never gone out of popularity. It’s more of a mainstay and a must in every vanity medicine cabinet. There are over 100 ways to use vaseline and we’ve picked the best beauty uses. Before we get into the beauty hacks, let’s talk about what petroleum jelly really is.

What is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

Back in the day, Petroleum jelly was referred to as “rod wax” and it was a simple by-product of oil drilling. Oil workers would use the goo to heal their wounds or burnt skin. Petroleum jelly is black in its raw form but is distilled to get the lighter and more transparent gel that we use today—Vaseline. The refined gel and the brand name Vaseline came from the self-taught chemist, Robert Chesebrough. The name Vaseline is a combination of the German word for water (wasser) and the Greek word for oil (oleon).

You could not ask for a purer product. Vaseline is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils right from the earth. This combination is great for skin protection, repair, and moisture retention. Beyond that, there are really no healing properties. Just think barrier. That said, it does have over 100 uses but we’re listing the best way to use Petroleum Jelly to enhance natural beauty.

Here Are the Best Beauty Skin Uses for Vaseline

  • Put Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your dry lips, leave it a few minutes, then lightly rub lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate  
  • Apply to hands at night and cover with gloves for deep moisturisation while sleeping
  • Mix with lemon and apply to your face as a skin brightening mask 
  • Mix with sugar or salt to create a full body scrub that will help remove any dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth 
  • Get softer heels overnight. Simply cover feet in Petroleum Jelly and sleep with socks your socks on  
  • Relieves skin soreness post-waxing for women

Here Are the Best Beauty Cosmetic Uses for Vaseline

  • Rub into the skin around your nails before adding nail polish to catch mistakes, nail polish can be easily removed when your nails are dry, and it softens cuticles at the same time
  • Works as an effective and efficient makeup remover
  • Can also be used as a lip gloss and a highlighter on cheekbones and cupids bow
  • Mix with lipstick to create a lasting blush
  • Can be used to shape eyebrows
  • Can be used instead of mascara to create glossy lashes
  • Rub a small amount on nail colour that’s a week old, and it will help it shine more
  • Great fragrance booster by applying to skin before using perfume to extend the lenght of fragrance
  • Use Vaseline to transform your matte or powder products into creams. Combine loose pigments with the jelly to create your custom cream eyeshadow, blush or tinted balm

Here Are the Best Beauty Hair Uses for Vaseline

  • Use on hair before blow-drying to prevent hair from getting dry and rough
  • Add along your hairline, over your ears and neck, to prevent dye stains when dyeing your hair
  • Apply on hair before blow-drying to prevent hair from getting dry and rough
  • Use se as a hair mask 
  • Can be used to seal split ends of the hair
  • Work in hair to create a polished ponytail with no flyaways
  • To remove chewing gum from hair, coat the gum and surrounding hair with a generous dollop of Vaseline and gently tug until it comes loose

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Reviews

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Where to Buy Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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